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50+ Most Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for Couples

50+ Most Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for Couples

50+ Most Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for Couples

50+ Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for Couples

So, When u guys have a party in your home or any other place truth or dare games will be the best option for you and your friends for having fun in the place so let’s talk about some dirty truth or dare of couples that will make your party more fun and hot at same time.

Before moving on let me tell you “ How to Play truth or dare questions games ” Well it’s simple but no problem if you are playing this game for first time.So Everyone in the group will ask some else a question on its turn and If He/She wants to answer that question but true then it will be consider as truth and if he/she doesn’t want to answer of that question then he have to do a dare on the plenty of that question.So we are only discussing dirty truth or dare for couples but other can also play this.

50+ Most Dirty Truth or Dare Queries for Couples

Here are the most dirty truth or dare questions for couples below.

50+ Most Dirty Truth Queries for Couples:

So here are the dirty truth questions for couples that you can ask from couples.

1: Have you ever sleep with someone else except your partner in your dream?

2: What was your age when dated first time?

3: Imagine me as your Partner, what will be the first thing you want to do with me?

4: If you hate somebody what will be the extreme thing you can do with him?

5: Have you ever peed in your pants while sleeping?

6: At what age you got your first smart phone in your life?

7: Do you sleep without brushing your teeth?

8: What is the worst thing you ever did in your life?

9: What is an annoying thing that you don’t like about your partner?

10: Who is more romantic, You or Your Partner?

11: Which position you like, when you are having love with each other?

12: Have you ever lied to your partner?

13: Is there anyone else in your life except your partner?

14: Do you have any relationship with same gender?

15: Have you ever feel embarrass while having love with each other?

16: What is your favourite position / style and why?

17: When you are not in mood do you make lame excuses?

18: Do you like or have tattoos on your back?

19: How long you can stay without doing love with each other?

20: Have you ever made film while getting romantic with each other?

21: What is the biggest fear of your life that no one knows?

22: How many times you can do love in a single day?

23: When you are not close to each other then what you feel?

24: Have you ever checked your partner’s mobile phone?

25: When you wake up in the weekend’s morning,what the first thing you do?

26: Do you have ever fight over money with your partner?

27: What is your biggest regret of your life?

28: Do you ever cry with pleasure during love with each other?

29: Do you do love in lights off or lights on?

30: Have you ever get a phone call while having love with each other?

31: Which type of body you like the most?

32: What is your favourite time for doing love?

33: What you do when you are alone in your home?

34: Have you ever feel fear while having shower in your bathroom?

35: Have you ever seen ghost in your entire life?

36: Have you ever try to make a relationship with partner’s friends?

37: Do you clean your shave before doing love with each other?

38: Can you slap your partner for 1$ dollars?

39: Can you make a video while having love with each other for $1 million dollar?

40: Have you ever feel angry on your partner?

41: What you can do for your partner?

42: What is the first thing that you have given to your partner on love night?

43: Do you still love your partner?

44: Are you honest with your partner?

45: Have you ever feel ashamed while doing love?

46: Do you afraid of having babies?

47: Do you like kids?

48: Do you like drink while doing love with each other?

49: Do you like to lick feet while doing love?

51: Did you feel shy when u first time love each other?

Dirty Truth or Dare Question Latest Questions for Couples

50+ Most Dirty Dare for Couples

So, I am going to tell you about the most dirty dares for couples and I think you will feel happy after knowing it because, it will be the dirty dare game for your opponent.

So here are 50+ Dirtiest Dare for couples are given below;

1: Click a picture while kissing your partner and put it on social media.

2: Don’t talk to your partner for 1 day.

3: Make a call to the Pizza Restaurant and ask them to spend a night with you.

4: Call your dad and said him that you don’t like girls.

5: Massage me 10 minutes.

6: Make a tea for me and polish my shoes.

7: Do a flip.

8: Cry like a baby and poop in your pant.

9: Do to your home and kiss your partner’s dad on his lips.

10: Call your enemy and talk to him for 15 minutes.

11: Take a bath with me.

12: Eat an apple with tomato ketchup.

13: Lick your partner’s foot for 1 minute.

14: Fill your mouth with red chilies.

15: Make a random call to someone and said that you love him/her.

16: Lick your elbow.

17: Pick me up for 5 minutes.

18: Break something with your bear hands.

19: Go outside and ring the door bell of your neighbors.

20: Call fast food restaurant and tell them a sad story.

21: Convince your parents that you are an opposite gender.

22: Play a video on your mobile phone which you like the most.

23: Delete your favourite song from your cell phone.

24: Click a weird photo of yourself and put it on Facebook.

25: Send your private video to me.

26: Call me on my cell phone and leave it for 10 minutes.

27: Tell your one secret of your partner.

28: Kiss your partner on his/her hands.

29: Unlock your mobile phone and give to your partner for 1 minute.

30: Go outside and ask someone else for money.

31: Put ice cubes on your hands until it melts.

32: Pick your favourite song and dance on it.

33: Slap on your face for 5 minutes.

34: Beg like a beggar on roads for 10 minutes.

35: Talk dirty with old man in the street.

36: Tell me something that we don’t know about you.

37: Pour honey in BBQ Sauce add some water and drink it.

38: Kiss me on my neck.

39: Go and make a tea for all of us.

40: Clean the dishes in the kitchen.

41: Make a whistle for 1 minute.

42: Open You-tube and play a random video, watch it full.

43: Learn something new that you never learned.

44: Drink tea with loads of slat in it.

45: Jump from the stairs 10 times.

46: Go in-front of mirror and see your partner and show him/her love.

47: Dance like you never did before.

48: Stop an unknown person on road and beg for money to buy cinema ticket.

49: Tease someone in the public and run away.

50: Lick my leg for 1 minute.

51: Clean my spit with your bear hands.  


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