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50+ Truth Or Dare Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

50+ Truth Or Dare Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

50+ Truth Or Dare Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Flirting is good for health and specially, when you are playing truth or dare then control will be in your hands to full-fill your desire or wish.So today, I will tell you about flirty truth or dare questions that you can ask to a girl or your girlfriend.

 50+ Flirty Truth Questions to ask a Girl

1: Have you ever dated a boy who was younger than you?

2: Do you like to kiss on the public place?

3: What is the extreme thing you can do in love?

4: Is anyone body in this room whom you like it?

5: What is your waist?

6: Do you want to kiss someone in this room?

7: Which type of boys you like the most?

8: What is the color of your panty?

9: Do you sleep alone in your room?

10: Do you brush your teeth before kissing?

11: Have you ever fall in love with someone at first sight?

12: Have you ever try to kiss someone but couldn’t?

13: Do you like decent boys or the baddy?

14: What you do when you don’t like to talk to someone else?

15: What is your age?

16: Who is your crush?

17: Do like boys who have beard or clean shaved?

18: Can you kiss me for $5?

19: Can you share your number with me?

20: Can you talk to me for 30 minutes on call?

21: Do you want to spend a night with someone in this room?

22: Can you married to a millionaire Old man?

23: Who is your favourite actor in movies?

24: Do you want to date with me?

25: Can we go for lunch tomorrow?

26: What thing do you like in me?

27: If I propose you, what will be your answer?

28: What is your guilty pleasure?

29: Whom you can talk 24 hours on cell phone?

30: Do you have any boy friend in your life?

31: If you have a boyfriend,do you want breakup from him?

32: When you get bored, whom you call?

33: Which organ do you like in your body?

34: What is the color of your back?

35: What is the worst thing you hate about people?

36: Which Boy’s organ you like the most?

37: Do you get romantic dreams at night?

38: Which type of dress you like the most?

39: Do you like rich boys or caring boys?

40: Do you want to married a rich guy or loving boy?

41: Have you ever kiss someone on his lips?

42: Have you ever spend a night with someone?

43: What is the best thing you can do while doing love?

44: Do you think I am flirting with you?

45: Can we go for a long drive and then dinner?

46: Have you ever embarrassed so much that you almost cry?

47: Have you ever kiss someone who has a bad mouth smell?

48: Can you give me your money and get a return kiss?

49: Do you want me to remove your lipstick color from my lips?

50: What is the name of your perfume?

51: What is your date of birth?

So that were flirty truth questions that you can ask to a girl or your girlfriend.I have written these questions in a way that hopefully,it will fullfill your desire or wish that is in your mind and what you feel for that girl.Now if she says no in these questions then you don’t feel sad because, when you will see flirty dare games, you would definalty feel happy.

50+ Flirty Dares to ask a Girl

1: I dare you to Kiss me, whereever you want to.

2: Talk to me for a whole night on my cell phone.

3: Call to a pizza resturant and order a pizza for us.

4: Pick a boy from a group and do a romantic dance with him.

5: Be my girlfriend for two days.

6: Spend a night with me and enjoy.

7: Put lemon on ice cream and eat it.

8: Sing a romantic song for me with full emotions.

9: Turn off the light for 1 minute and scream.

10: I dare you to talk with me like a wife.

11: Tell me your secret that no one knows.

12: I dare you to learn my cell phone number forever.

13: Kiss me on my lips or give us treat.

14: Mix lemon juice with milk and drink it.

15: Send me a good night message on my mobile phone.

16: Call your dad and say that you are in love.

17: Call your mother and tell her that you don’t like boys.

18: Write 10 times that “ I am stupid” on paper.

19: Ring the door bell of your neighbours and run.

20: Tell me your desire which you want to fullfill.

21: Go outside and talk to a random guy for 5 minutes.

22: Take a picture with me and put it on Facebook.

23: Put a status that you have a boyfriend.

24: Take a bath/shower now with cloths.

25: Invite me for a dinner and tell the secret of your life.

26: Tell me your most embarrassing moment of your life.

27: Try to take the whole banana in your mouth at once.

28: Don’t talk to anyone for 30 minutes.

29: Pick someone from group and talk to him/her for 15 minutes.

30: Make a wish and hope to fullfill.

31: Take a picture with your dad and put it on social media with weird caption.

32: Lick my fingure for 1 minute.

33: Kiss me on my hands for 2 minutes.

34: Video call me at night for 5 minutes.

35: Save my mobile number in your cell and write Hubby on it.

36: Wash my hair with your hands in the bath-room.

37: Touch your tongue to your nose.

38: Eat cookies like a dog.

39: Try to act like cat and mewao.

40: Dance like a pole dancer.

41: Split your legs for 1 minute.

42: Do a romantic scene with me.

43: Propose me for a wedding.

44: Make a whistle.

45: Stand in your hands for 1 minute.

46: Kiss me like never before.

47: Tell your parents that you like me.

48: Allow me to do whatever I want to do with you for 1 minute.

49: Who is the hottest guy in this room.

50: Is there anyone in this room whom you like.

51: Sing a song and repeat my name in that song with love.

So these were the flirty dares that you can ask to a girl or your girlfriend or someone special.I hope you liked it because I have covered almost all the flirty things that you can ask or give dare to a girl or your girlfriend.


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